General Policies

These General member policies are created and are maintained by the Board of Management. It will remain the responsibility of the Chapter's Core committee to ensure that these policies are upheld in the respective chapters consistently.

1. CNI is a Business networking forum initiated by M/s. PROMPT TRADE FAIRS (I) PVT LTD., a registered company under the Companies Act, 1956.

2. Prompt Trade Fairs (I) Pvt Ltd., in association with the Builders Line Tamil monthly magazine, have conceptualized the Forum to be a platform for referral sharing among the Members and Participants. This is exclusively for the fraternity of the Construction Industry.

3. The CNI proposes to organize the congregation of Construction Professionals as an Event, exclusively to provide successive and sequential Marketing Services for the Members and the initiative is no way intended to be measured as an Enterprise, Society or Association. CNI is strictly a Marketing Service Provider.3.The CNI proposes to organize the congregation of Construction Professionals as an Event, exclusively to provide successive and sequential Marketing Services for the Members and the initiative is no way intended to be measured as an Enterprise, Society or Association. CNI is strictly a Marketing Service Provider.

4. The CNI aspires to promote Business connects among a Group of Construction Industry Professionals, with in the Members in a single chapter.

5. The CNI will stringently operate within the boundaries of a Referral Networking Forum facilitator and will no way be held responsible for any Business transactions / Financial agreements between the participating members.

6. All disputes arising out of or relating to the Member's Participation in CNI shall be resolved by binding arbitration in accordance with the laws of the country of India, outside the Forum precincts, subject to the jurisdiction of MADRAS HIGH COURT, between the Members involved. CNI will no way be liable or held responsible.

7. CNI Policies are subject to change. All proposed policy changes will be reviewed and finalised with the consent of Board of Prompt Trade Fairs India Pvt Ltd

8. All payments will have to be made in favour of M/s. PROMPT TRADE FAIRS INDIA PVT LTD., vide Cheque/ Demand draft/ RTGS or UPI Modes, along with the duly filled Application form.

9. CNI Chapter Meetings will be organized in the Banquet facilities of Star Rated Hotels. All expenses incurred towards organising the meet will be shared among the members and chargeable in addition.

CNI Code of Ethics

While evaluating the Members, the following code of ethics will have to be applied in principle in the event of any conflict or complaint.

As avowed by the Member (irrespective of the Role & Position being held)

Upon acceptance of membership to CNI Forum, He/She should agree to comprehensively abide by the following CNI Code of Ethics during the tenure of Membership :

* He / She should confirm to provide the quality of services at the prices offered and finalized mutually

* He / She ensure benevolence and trust among Members

* He / She continue to the truthful with the Members and their Referrals

* He / She bestow the responsibility of follow-ups on the referrals received with utmost dedication

* He / She should present myself with a Positive and supportive attitude

* He / She should ensure that I live up to the ethical standards of them Profession.

Disciplinary Policies

1) Visiting Cross Chapters

* Members visiting Cross CNI chapters other than their own chapter should clearly announce that they belong to and represent another CNI Chapter.

* The visiting members must not do or say anything that competes with the business interests of a Member from that particular chapter.

* Every chapter will have to give the preference of Referrals to their own chapter members

* Before visiting another Chapter, the visiting Member will have to get the prior permission of the Chapter CEO.

2) Absences and Late Attendance

Absence and Late-coming will mean lesser business conversions for the Members. Therefore taking into consideration the overall performance metrics of the chapter, the Core Committee may give warnings to members who are noted to be consistently late or absent for the meetings. If the problem continues, the respective Member's category may be subject to being re-opened.

Meeting Etiquette

1. Time will remain the quintessence of every CNI Meet

2. A session for networking among the Members will precede the start of any CNI Meeting, which could be accommodated for a minimum time duration of 30mins

3. Each Member is expected to record his attendance physically in the register made available at the venue entrance, which is obligatory for the Member to enter the Meeting Venue.

4. All CNI Meetings will strictly follow a DND (Do-Not-Disturb) Protocol and all Participants will be instructed to turn their Mobile phones to silent modes or requested to switch off their Mobile phones

5. All CNI members are strictly ensure that walk out for mobile phone introduction during the meeting time.

6. Every Member could avail a maximum presentation time of 45 seconds during the meet and the preference will be provided on First-come-First-served Basis, based on the attendance time log.

Attendance Policy:

1. Maximum attendance of Members would be one of the critical aspects for the good performance of a CNI Chapter. When a Member is not in regular attendance at the Chapter Meeting, there is less opportunity for him/her to give and ask referrals and networking. It is proven that Chapters with good Member attendance perform the best.

2. When a Member misses a meeting and fails to depute his substitute, an email / sms for an intimation could be sent as a courtesy to Chapter CEO, persuading the Member to depute a suitable substitute when unable to attend the Chapter Meeting.

3. More than 4 absenteeism per year for CNI Meets by the Member, should result in forfeiture of the Membership Fee and Termination of the Member with a letter stating the reason. This policy needs to be followed for the better functioning and performance of the Chapter. The MDC will have to notify the Chapter CEO when it becomes necessary to open a Member's category as a result of his / her termination.

4. It is also recommended that MDC make a phone call to the Member after his/ her uninformed absence in the Chapter Meeting without deputing a substitute. It could be reiterated that continued absence would result in the Member's classification being opened up for new Members.

Termination Policy:

1. If a Member acts against the rules of the CNI, acts in a manner that disrupts the unity of the chapter, or behaves erratically in the chapter, he may be expelled from the Chapter as decided by the Core Committee Leaders with the concern of Chapter CEO. The Core Committee holds the authority for initiating the required corrective action to be taken against any Member, in the event of his/ her failure to comply with the policies and / or the code of ethics of CNI.

2. Absenteeism is generally not permitted in CNI. However, for unavoidable reasons absenteeism up to a maximum of 4 instances is permitted per year. In case of more than 4 instances of absenteeism the Chapter Core Committee Leaders will take necessary termination action against the specific member with prior intimation and fill the category by some one member.

CNI is an exclusive Referral networking Forum, for the Construction Industry Professionals, conceptualized and initiated by M/s. PROMPT TRADE FAIRS (I) PVT LTD., in association with the Builders Line Publication.

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